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Fun fact: Michaela's first performance was at the age of three in front of her home television, Little Mermaid VHS playing, as the role of Ariel, with her older sister playing every single other role, to a sold-out house of both of her parents!

Height: 5'2

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Brown


Location: Long Island, New York


Regional Theatre

The Wizard of Oz                         Dorothy Gale             Ocean City Theatre Company

Dir. Michael Hartman

Chor. Rachel Marlowe

The Sound of Music                         Liesl von Trapp          The Media Theatre

Dir. Christian Ryan

I Ought to Be in Pictures                    Libby Tucker             Thin Air Theatre Company

Dir. Ed Weathers

Haunting at the Old Homestead         Lead Vocalist           Thin Air Theatre Company

Dir. Lawrence Lesher 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes                  Ensemble                Thin Air Theatre Company

Dir. Mace Archer 

Chor. Riley O’Rourke

Under the Colorado Moon                 Lead Vocalist           Thin Air Theatre Company

Dir. John Clemo 

Chor. Riley O’Rourke


Encore TYA National Tour                  Var. Lead Roles         Chamber Theatre Productions

Dir. Ashlyn Frank

Theme Parks
Special Skills

Valid Driver’s License, Valid U.S. Passport, Intermediate Pointe, Basic “Heelies” Skills, Flight Experience (ZFX), Conversational Italian/Italian Accent, Irish Brogue, RP British, General Dialect Proficiency, Splits (both sides), Sight Reading/Singing, Choral Experience, Basic Stage Lighting, Basic Light Board Operation/Programming, Stage Management


Musical Theatre BFA/Dance Minor

Wilkes University


Kristin Degnan-Boonin, Ballet Long Island

Jazz -- Lynne Mariani

Tap -- Sean Harris

Modern -- Lynne Mariani

Real Country!                                  Lead Vocalist            Knoebels Amusement Resort

Dir. Jim Wilkinson

Educational Theatre

Cabaret                                         Sally Bowles            Wilkes University

Chor. Lynne Mariani

The Crucible                                   Mary Warren           Wilkes University

Dir. Jon Liebetrau 

Little Shop of Horrors                         Audrey                   Wilkes University

Dir. Teresa Fallon 

Doubt: A Parable                             Sister James             Wilkes University

Dir. Jon Liebetrau 

Ballet Company

The Nutcracker       Tea Lead, Flowers/Snow Corps           The Degnan Ballet Center

Chor. Kristin Degnan-Boonin

The Nutcracker        Maid, Snow/Spanish Corps              The Degnan Ballet Center

Chor. Kristin Degnan-Boonin

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